Program Manager, Transformation Alliance (Planner, Senior)
CenterCenter for Livable Communities
GroupCommunity Development
Salary Range$53,828-$72,668


The Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) is the regional planning and intergovernmental coordination agency that focuses on issues critical to the region’s success, including growth and development, transportation, water resources, services for older adults and workforce solutions. ARC is dedicated to unifying the region’s collective resources to prepare the metropolitan area for a prosperous future. This is done through professional planning initiatives, the provision of objective information and the involvement of the community in collaborative partnerships. 

The TransFormation Alliance (TFA) is a broad collaborative of private, public and nonprofit organizations dedicated to ensuring that opportunities and benefits provided by investment in transit communities are made available to ALL residents – present and future. Our guiding principles directs our collaborative practices and how we work together. The principles highlight the importance of leading with racial equity and working collaboratively.  

The Planner, Senior (Program Manager, TFA) primarily will ensure that all TFA members are working most effectively and efficiently to achieve TFA’s mission, strategic plan, work plans and guiding principles. The position will work closely with the Managing Director to provide thought partnership and deploy strategic direction. Internal operation responsibilities will include overseeing budgetary administration, business operations, grant making, and managing independent contractors as necessary to support the work of TFA. In addition, the Program Manager will manage member coordination to increase collaboration and capacity for impact.  The Program Manager works with the Managing Director, TFA Executive Committee and all collaborative members to implement TFA’s strategic plan.  

This position is currently funded through TFA’s grant support, which runs for 3 years. At this time, we can only guarantee the role will be funded until the end of 2022, but the goal of TFA is to fund this position beyond 2022.


  • Ensure the success of TFA’s strategic plan and annual work plans by:
    • Supporting the coordination of committee meetings and workgroups created to help TFA advance its mission, including scheduling and facilitating meetings, preparing pre- and post-meeting materials, and handling meeting and event logistics when needed;
    • Maintaining updates on progress of workplans and pass through grants in order to produce reports for funders, partners, evaluation partners, and strategic communications;
    • Working closely with Managing Director to identify potential funders and help coordinate writing and submission of grants to ensure TFA’s long-term sustainability;
    • Carrying out direct project work as identified in close conversation with the Managing Director; and
    • Supporting development and tracking of annual budget.  
  • Ensure the success and impact of TFA’s collaborative structure by:
    • Engaging in identification, outreach, and relationship building with strategic partners who can contribute to the execution of workplan objectives, and ensure active coordination with those partners;
    • Working with Managing Director to plan and execute productive and informative executive committee and full member meetings; and
    • Developing relationship building opportunities for TFA members to grow our internal networking and impact. 
  • Ensure the success of TFA’s outreach and communications efforts by:
    • Managing databases and event lists;
    • Coordinating site visits with funders and local partners, as needed;
    • Representing TFA in community and decision-making bodies;
    • Regularly engaging with TFA’s partnering communities along Lee Street; and
    • Working with Managing Director and communication consultant to manage website, social media and e-newsletter. 
  • Ensure the success of TFA’s relationship with ARC as fiscal sponsor by:
    • Serving as a liaison between The Atlanta Regional Commissions and TFA on IT issues, financial operations and office logistics;
    • Coordinating and managing independent contractors; and
    • Performing other duties as assigned to shared ARC and TFA goals and objectives.


  • Knowledge in fundraising and grant writing at local and national level;
  • Knowledge of TFA’s issue areas which include Art & Place, Climate, Health, Capital, Housing, and Mobility;
  • Knowledge of racial equity and the origins and effects of structural and institutional racism;
  • Ability to create effective oral and written communications, including the ability to effectively and accurately communicate project information to TFA’s external partners, executive committee, and collaborative members;
  • Ability to demonstrate strong written and verbal communication including public speaking and interpersonal communication;
  • Ability to be highly self-directed and to efficiently and effectively implement multiple high-level projects;
  • Ability to attend night and/or lunch meetings as needed to represent;
  • Possess strong analytic, problem-solving and conflict resolution skills;
  • Possess high emotional intelligence, with the ability and curiosity to create authentic working relationships quickly;
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Project, PowerPoint and Outlook.


    MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS (equivalent combination acceptable): 

    • Bachelor’s degree in urban or regional planning, economics, architecture, landscape architecture or related field
    • Two (2) years of relevant experience in racial equity work, collaboration and/or coalition building, community building, policy, planning, community development, and basic fundraising tasks


    In addition to the detailed examples of responsibilities and abilities contained herein, all employees of the Atlanta Regional Commission are expected to model behavior consistent with the below guiding principles which constitute ARC’s Evolution Strategy. Specifically, incumbents are responsible for demonstrating work habits that are:

    1. Interdisciplinary by promoting professional and interpersonal connections and integration across functional disciplines;
    2. Holistic by seeking expertise within the team, Group, or Agency to produce his/her work output, and demonstrating a strong understanding of and support for interrelationships between their work and the work of others in the team, Group, or Agency;
    3. Actionable by continuously striving to improve his/her capabilities to produce sustainable outcomes, and displaying a strong need for achievement and a high energy level to attain goals;
    4. Outcome Based by taking the initiative to meet goals and expectations, and consistently striving to produce tangible results with significant visible impact, and;
    5. Targeted toward Ensuring Colleagues' Success by willingly and deliberately providing his/her expertise to others to build and sustain effective internal and external working relationships, and by modeling behaviors that consistently demonstrate concern for colleagues' success, needs, respect, trust and integrity.