Data Analysis Coordinator (Travel Demand Modeling Coordinator)
CenterCenter for Livable Communities
GroupTransportation Access
Salary Range65,188-110,819


The Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) is the regional planning and intergovernmental coordination agency that focuses on issues critical to the region’s success, including growth and development, transportation, water resources, services for older adults and workforce solutions. ARC is dedicated to unifying the region’s collective resources to prepare the metropolitan area for a prosperous future. This is done through professional planning initiatives, the provision of objective information and the involvement of the community in collaborative partnerships.

The Data Analysis and Travel Demand Modeling Coordinator within the Transportation Access and Mobility Section is responsible for managing highly complex and visible enterprise-wide data modeling tools, forecasting and analysis. As assigned, work may include coordinating the work of team members; developing and managing long- and short-range travel demand forecasts; coordinating advisory, training and technical assistance; consulting with partners and stakeholders regarding data interpretation, traffic trends, and application to planning initiatives; preparing and managing contracts; planning, convening, facilitating and/or chairing meetings; ensuring that work programs and outcomes meet established goals; leading or serving on technical committees; overseeing project implementation; and serving as a representative of the agency to member jurisdictions, outside agencies and the public.


  • Coordinate mission-critical enterprise-wide functions or may serve as a lead worker, assigning work and monitoring work completion;
  • Coordinate and oversee RFP process for consultant selection; facilitate consultant selection committee; oversee scope of work and contract deliverables;
  • Manage large datasets; analyze data; summarize data and use software and other techniques to present findings;
  • Conduct needs assessments; provide training on models and use of statistics; 
  • Provide technical guidance and support to travel demand model users; develop and update data and analytics; respond to data requests, and thoroughly document ARC’s travel demand modeling technical procedures;
  • Identify new technology products; provide recommendations to managers and/or decision-makers;
  • Maintain, run and trouble-shoot the ARC regional activity-based travel demand forecasting model;
  • Perform other duties assigned to support agency goals and objectives.


  • Knowledge of systems administration and project management;
  • Knowledge of the software development cycle, including the GitHub open-source software tracking and coordination platform;
  • Knowledge of Regional Activity-Based Travel Demand Forecasting Model Development & Applications, including ActivitySim, as well as model calibration & validation;
  • Knowledge of data analysis, including “Big Data” manipulation, probe data analytics (such as NPMRDS), travel survey data, Census data (ACS / CTPP), R and RStudio, Jupyter Notebook, etc.;
  • Skill in modeling including travel demand modeling software such as CUBE, TransCAD, Visum, Emme, and map development in GIS, including the use of geo-database for roadway and transit network coding;
  • Skill in database development and administration, including the manipulation of large matrices and travel survey datasets;
  • Skill in programming language such as Java and Python;
  • Skill in data gathering and analysis, including data visualization;
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail; excellent written and verbal communication skills; excellent management skills and the ability to juggle competing priorities;
  • Proficient in Model integration with land use model (such as PECAS and UrbanSim), air quality model (EPA – MOVES3), toll optimization, dynamic traffic assignment, freight modeling, and other peripheral / ancillary models such as externals model, air passenger model, as well as other ones such as FTA - STOPS model and REMI – TranSight model.


  • Master’s degree in business, economics, statistics, urban planning, computer science, information technology or related field
  • Three (3) years of experience in data collection and analysis and associated technical support, which may include programming and/or supervisory/lead experience

An equivalent combination of education and experience sufficient to successfully perform the essential duties of the job such as those listed above, unless otherwise subject to any other requirements set forth in law or regulation.


In addition to the detailed examples of responsibilities and abilities contained herein, all employees of the Atlanta Regional Commission are expected to model behavior consistent with the guiding principles outlined in our Evolution Strategy. Specifically, incumbents are responsible for demonstrating work habits that are:   

  1. Interdisciplinary by promoting professional and interpersonal connections and integration across functional disciplines.
  2. Holistic by seeking expertise within the team, Group, or Agency to produce his/her work output, and demonstrating a strong understanding of and support for interrelationships between their work and the work of others in the team, Group, or Agency.
  3. Actionable by continuously striving to improve his/her capabilities to produce sustainable outcomes and displaying a strong need for achievement and a high energy level to attain goals.
  4. Outcome Based by taking the initiative to meet goals and expectations, and consistently striving to produce tangible results with significant visible impact, and.
  5. Targeted toward Ensuring Colleagues' Success by willingly and deliberately providing his/her expertise to others to build and sustain effective internal and external working relationships, and by modeling behaviors that consistently demonstrate concern for colleagues' success, needs, respect, trust, and integrity.